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What is the biggest tire you can put on Nissan Maxima?

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What Size Are The Tires on Nissan Maxima?

You have taken your newly bought Nissan Maxima home and would just want to upgrade its appearance - with worthy tires. And that is why you believe that you now have to select between these two: amazing appearance and safety. And may those marvelous tires match your trim? And also is it even possible to get tires that will be of a bigger size? Well, stay relaxed - you are in the right palms of specialists who have spent many years getting together a variety of different details to assist people like you make a choice.

So, let's start with the safety aspects of your respective Nissan Maxima: our standard piece of advice every time is to replace tires with the authentic size ones - defined by the company. Switching any detail for a non-authentic one could affect the functionality of your car. Furthermore, switching tires for non-original elements will surely imply warranty coverage. Listed below are charts with every available Nissan Maxima trim, so that customers will simply have to enter these data and a year of manufacture to find out all the options swiftly.

Lastly, after you replace tires, don't neglect to keep them in right order. Try and constantly inspect the pressure and monitor the tread wear. In the usa, you aren't allowed to have a protector lower than 2/32''.


Not sure about the version or trim are for your Nissan Maxima? You can usually find your vehicle's version on the driver's door jamb or in the owner's manual

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