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What is the biggest tire you can put on Land Rover Discovery?

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What Size Are The Tires on Land Rover Discovery?

You have just taken your recently purchased Land Rover Discovery home and would just want to upgrade its appearance - with good tires. And you trust that you now have to make a choise between these two: striking appearance and safety. And will those wonderful tires suit your trim? And also is it even possible to incorporate tires of a bigger size? All right, keep calm - you are in the safe palms of specialists who have spent many years collecting a variety of data to assist people like you take a decision.

For this reason, let's start out with the safety issues of your Land Rover Discovery: our common piece of advice every time is to change tires that are of standard size ones - based on the company. Replacing a detail for a non-authentic one could affect the functionality of your respective auto. Additionally, switching tires for non-standard items will surely imply guarantee coverage. The following are charts with every available Land Rover Discovery trim, so that one simply can type these details and plus a year of manufacture to see all the options quickly.

And ultimately, after you replace tires, don't disregard the fact that you have to keep them in good condition. Attempt to constantly examine the pressure and monitor the tread wear. In the usa, you aren't permitted to get a protector less than 2/32''.


Not sure about the version or trim are for your Land Rover Discovery? You can usually find your vehicle's version on the driver's door jamb or in the owner's manual

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