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2020 Honda Ridgeline Tire Size

Tire Sizes 2020 Honda Ridgeline

245/60 R18

245 - Tire width

The width of the tire is measured in millimeters from sidewall to sidewall. The first three-digit number refers to how many mm wide it will be, and the second pair tells you what type or category this particular piece fits into - such as touring or off-road use!

60 - Tire Aspect

On the sidewall of every tire, there is a label that indicates its aspect ratio. This number represents how high up from rim to tread level it sits and what percentage this will be for any given width in millimeters or inches depending on which system they use!

R18 - Rim Diameter

The rim diameter of a wheel is the distance measured in inches across its face, from bead seat to opposite side. This measurement determines what kind or size tire will fit on top; it's important because that’s where our trusty partners-the rubber meets asphalt!

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What is the biggest tire you can put on 2020 Honda Ridgeline?

You have taken your newly purchased 2020 Honda Ridgeline home and would certainly enjoy to improve its look - with good tires. Hence you think that you now have to select between the two: outstanding look and safety. And may those great tires suit your trim? And also is it even likely to integrate tires of a larger size? All right, stay calm - you are in the right hands of experts who have spent years and years getting together a variety of different details to help people like you make a decision.

So, let's start with the safety aspects of your own 2020 Honda Ridgeline: our general professional recommendation every time is to change tires with the standard size ones - based on the company. Changing any detail for a non-original one can modify the functionality of your automobile. Additionally, switching tires for non-original things will certainly imply warranty coverage. Here are charts with every 2020 Honda Ridgeline trim, so that one just need to type these details and a year of manufacture to look at all the options straightaway.

Lastly, after you replace tires, don't disregard the fact that you have to keep them in right order. Make an effort to steadily check the pressure and keep close track of the tread wear. In the US, you aren't permitted to get a protector less than 2/32''.


Not sure about the version or trim are for your Honda Ridgeline? You can usually find your vehicle's version on the driver's door jamb or in the owner's manual

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